TalkEngO | About Us

Who we are

TalkEngO is a UK-based but international online English language platform where learners from all over the world connect face-to-face and one-to-one with conversation tutors to improve their English listening and speaking skills. All of our conversation tutors are native English speakers.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to promote English speaking and listening skills through meaningful conversation with topic experts; to employ a unique conversation approach backed by academic research in the field of second language acquisition; to place language learners at the centre of their learning experience matching them with the trained conversation specialists their needs and dreams require.

Unique Methodology

We offer learners a unique methodology that includes:

A one-to-one approach placing the learner at the centre

The promotion of active learning

The use of learner-relevant content

The employment of TalkEngO’s unique contextualisation approach to conversation to push the learner’s capabilities

Fun and fresh conversation strategies

Fair assessment and certified progression

Assessment and Progression

Every conversation the learner has is assessed by the conversation tutor using CEFR criteria. This ensures the learner’s level is accurate, which allows for the tracking of progression. When learners reach a milestone and level up, they are rewarded with a certificate stating their achievements and English speaking and listening level. These certificates can be printed and added to other records of achievement.

Teaching and Learning Resources

Despite the relaxed nature of our conversations, we take teaching and learning seriously. Our Resource Centre has materials to help learners achieve their learning goals step-by-step, as well as materials to help conversation tutors maximise the learner’s learning experience and assess the learner’s performance fairly. Our Resource Centre is constantly being added to; register for full access.