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TalkEngO Team

TalkEngO Ltd. is an online, UK-based but international, English-language conversation platform. We aim to offer our low-cost language services to the international community by providing educational opportunities for those who cannot or don’t want to attend more traditional language classes. We offer opportunities for learners to develop their English speaking and listening capabilities by forming partnerships with our qualified and certified native English speakers, and conversing via our in-house video-conferencing online platform.

Hassan Shabani
Managing Director

I have spent most of my professional life in education and my specialism has been the development of capabilities amongst learners so that they become better learners.

As a non-native English speaker myself, I believe I have a good understanding of the difficulties international learners face when it comes to learning a new language – one considerable obstacle being learners not having the opportunity to experience speaking the target language with a native speaker.

As the Managing Director of TalkEngO, I have the responsibility to ensure that this opportunity is provided to you.

Michael Gainey
Director of Curriculum and Training

I have taught English for around 15 years. I have taught many types of English e.g. business English, academic English, and English exam preparation, in many different countries and to many types of learners.

One of the biggest problems learners across the world have is the chance to practice speaking with a native speaker of English – of putting the grammar theory learned in school into real and meaningful conversation practice.

I want you to have the chance to speak to native English speakers on topics of your choice, related to your life, interests, hobbies, work or education.

Hadi Farzin
Director of IT

I am an IT specialist. I hold a master’s degree in telecommunication systems and I have 12 years of experience in managing IT projects with a focus on analysing and evaluating the performance of IT systems.

Creating and maintaining the TalkEngO IT platform is an important task for the IT department, which is under my supervision.

The TalkEngO IT system plays a pivotal role in facilitating the learning process. In other words, a high-quality and user-friendly IT system helps learners and conversation partners to maximise their learning experience.

Luke Gainey
Director of Resource Centre

Originally from Chester, after university I moved to Barcelona to obtain a CELTA qualification and teach English. I’m now living and working in London.

I find helping people learn very fulfilling. I believe the best way to learn a language is when you’re given the freedom to experiment with the language in a natural, stress-free, and conversation-based environment. That’s what TalkEngO offers, so I’m excited to be a part of this great team!

I develop learning resources that advance language skills and broaden knowledge, while also ensuring there is a positive community feel for all of our TalkEngO family.

Other team members
Hossein Derakhshan

Hossein Derakhshan


My job involves leading a team of highly skilled developers and working and maintaining high standards of software quality within the team by identifying and encouraging areas for growth and improvement.

I hold a bachelor's degree in software engineering, and I've been working as a developer and coach for 7+ years on a wide range of projects.

As an IT expert, I strongly believe the best approach of putting theory into practice is by engaging students in opportunities to learn through doing and reflection. This is what TalkEngO is all about and why I strongly believe in what we are trying to achieve.

Alireza Esfahani

Alireza Esfahani

Front-end Developer

Since I was a child, I’ve always enjoyed playing around with things and creating something new. My degree in IT has enabled me to continue to do something I love in the virtual sphere.

Being head of front-end development at TalkEngO has given me the opportunity to be part of a team that is creating a high-quality environment for English learners and conversation partners. Learning English through sharing experiences is fun and entertaining and I’m here to help the platform support this ideal.

Narges Shaker

Narges Shaker

Front-end Developer

I am Narges. I am eager to encounter all ups, downs, and challenges in work and in life. After I graduated in IT, I started my career as a front-end developer. Everyone likes to work in a team full of potential and I found this at TalkEngO.

As a member of the technical team at TalkEngO, I am the one who is responsible for developing visual parts of the platform, and my work hopefully helps learners and conversation partners interact effectively and enjoyably via our software.

In front-end development, there is nothing we love more than for each person to have a smooth and comfortable relationship with the platform.

Shahin Baradaran

Shahin Baradaran

Digital Marketing Manager

Being a part of this TalkEngO team is something I have always wanted. I am responsible for designing and implementing constructive digital marketing strategies and activities.

I aim to engage potential users in their online journey and let them know about the impressive features our platform provides for both learners and conversation partners.

Arad Mokhtari

Arad Mokhtari

Digital Marketing Consultant

I am a seasoned digital marketer with 9+ years of experience building and implementing strategies focused on SEO, email marketing, and Adwords.

As a consultant, I have the responsibility to ensure the digital marketing team drives traffic and boosts TalkEngO’s audience engagement and customer acquisition with dynamic marketing strategies and campaigns.